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Monday, December 05
· A Very Bodom Night
· F5 LIVE!
Sunday, December 04
· Yngwie J. Malmsteen
Friday, November 25
· Jager Tour '05: Disturbed, COC And The Heavils
Monday, October 31
· Reunion And Retribution
Monday, October 24
· Good Music For Bad People
· The Ins And Outs Of A Boys Night Out
Monday, October 17
· System Of A Down: Mezmerizing Philly
Monday, September 12
· Locked, Loaded And Louder Than Hell
Monday, September 05
· So Far, So Good ... So Wild

Older Articles

 The Rock Show: Accomplice Live! (5654 reads)
Shows What most people don't know about Accomplice could've filled New Jersey's Dingbatz. Instead it was filled with a horde of loyal rockers keeping the faith as the band smoked the doors off the place! Sean Michael Clegg and his motley collection of crack musicians wielded their instruments and aimed true ... leaving the crowd sprawling in a sea of ecstasy and beer!
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, June 24 @ 09:27:47 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Doro The Warrior (4968 reads)
Shows When Doro Pesch rolls into to town, you know there's gonna be a hell of a rock show! That's what Allentownsfolk discovered when she let loose her warrior soul for the crowd at the Crocodile Rock Café. With her entourage of metal heavies in tow, which included none other than the great Chris Caffery, Doro showed us what it means to keep the faith and rock your face off!
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, June 14 @ 11:21:01 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Les Claypool's Fancy Band (3352 reads)
Shows Les Claypool and his Fancy Band invaded the mean streets of Baltimore, bringing with them strange sights and sounds the likes of which have rarely been witnessed by the natives. The Ram's Head Live was awash with the diversity of all manner of fan, Les didn't disappoint and only those in attendance can truly tell the tale of an experiment gone terribly right!
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, June 07 @ 11:21:10 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Crushed: Live In Concert (3341 reads)
Shows It was drag night and Crushed brought the octane when they blew the doors off Joe's Grotto for the celebration of their new release, My Machine. David Ellefson's F5 paved the road for this five-piece from Phoenix to make way for their original blend of rock, metal and ... er ... belly dancing? BURN RUBBER BOYS!
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, May 17 @ 05:00:06 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Shaw Blades (9819 reads)
Shows Nostalgia was the theme when Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades donned their acoustic axes and played an intimate show for the good people of Annapolis. Tunes from both members' former bands, as well as a selection of other classic rock greats, lit up the night for an audience that ... in the end ... wasn't left wanting
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 08 @ 22:13:28 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Machine Head (1239 reads)
Shows What a night for Bay Area thrashers Machine Head! Jannus Landing, which wasn't an open air venue 'til they blew into St. Petersburg with category 5 force and crumbled the walls! And, just in case you haven't heard, they're on the way to your town next!
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 08 @ 20:41:45 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Lamb Of God (2792 reads)
Shows Lamb Of God greeted a metal-hungry crowd in Florida with a mother fucking invitation of epic proportions. St. Petersburg's Jannus Landing was the scene of massive devastation as a mob primed by Gojira, Machine Head and Trivium watched the boys play themselves to the bone ... and the pit wasn't the only place spitting up casualties!
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 08 @ 07:45:17 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Children Of Bodom: A Pictorial (1160 reads)
Shows The Marquee in Tempe, AZ was shaken from its footings with an all-out assault by Finland's Children Of Bodom. No one was safe as the guys flung hot metal about the place, leaving little more standing than a throbbing pit and a few burning embers. GR's writer was officially listed as MIA, but we managed to recover a few telling pix from the wreckage ... as well as a photographer who may never recover from the shell shock!!!
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, February 06 @ 17:11:40 MST
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 The Rock Show: Trans-Siberian Orchestra: West Tour 2006 (3239 reads)
Shows There are many ways to ring in the Holiday Season, but there are none more unique and spectacular than seeing Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform. With their Christmas Eve And Other Stories show, they represented the Christmas season in a new light. Or many lights, in this case. TSO unleashed a kaleidoscope of lasers, multi-colored lights, sparks and flames, accompanied by classical and rock fused arrangements.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 15 @ 11:58:01 MST
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 The Rock Show: Sepultura Live (6288 reads)
Shows On a cold night in Springfield, VA Sepultura blazed the frost off the roof with a more than brutal performance. The pit was supercharged by Sep's savage brand of metal and Sep was fueled by the pit, leaving the good people of Virginia sprawling about the place! Now THAT'S a fuckin' rock show!
Posted by roadrash on Monday, December 11 @ 11:13:11 MST
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 The Rock Show: Primus: Live With Rasputina (1626 reads)
Shows Primus fired up Philly's Tower Theater with their own special blend of fury, funk and fish. Les and the boys took the stage after the equally strange Rasputina primed the crowd. The riffs were flying and audience was wild ... but nothing compared to when Primus left the stage!
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, November 23 @ 07:36:38 MST
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 The Rock Show: Mower! (2282 reads)
Shows During our interview with Brian Sheerin of Mower, he said we just HAD to see their live show, because they were totally wild and crazy on stage. Mower finally made it back out west so of course we checked them out. Did they deliver? YOU BETCHA!
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, November 22 @ 12:07:19 MST
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 The Rock Show: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (1765 reads)
Shows The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus took The Clubhouse in Tempe by storm. The guys played with all their might, leaving in their wake a frenzy of excited fans.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, October 30 @ 06:36:52 MST
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 The Rock Show: E(v)olocity (1517 reads)
Shows If you see any show this year, I recommend E(v)olocity. Their unbridled energy, big sound and fearless stage show make for one hell of a good time!
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, October 28 @ 05:08:58 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Mushroomhead LIVE! (1755 reads)
Shows On a crisp October evening, at least by Phoenix standards, Mushroomhead brought their unique brand of metal to the Marquee Theater and definitely didn't disappoint. The evening turned out to be full of surprises, all of them good.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, October 28 @ 04:47:17 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (2112 reads)
Shows Denver redefined joining the Mile High Club when the city played host to an all-star evening led by rock legends Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. The Pepsi Center was standing room only and the crowd hailed from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest ... all there to cheer on The Heartbreakers as they celebrated their 30th anniversary with thousands of their closest friends!
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, August 20 @ 09:43:55 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Punk Passion: Still Standing At The Viper Room (2401 reads)
Shows West Hollywood was feeling the heat when the young trio known as Still Standing brought the Viper Room crowd to their feet with a balls-out set. Working the place into a frenzy, the Coppolino brothers led an all out strike, blackening the floors wall-to-wall with precision musicianship and a searing performance.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, June 30 @ 13:19:33 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Storm Surfing: Aiden 666 (2422 reads)
Shows 06/06/06 ... the day of the beast. Aiden brought the party, complete with a storm straight from Hell. In a blazing performance of biblical proportions, they brought the wrath of their unique style down on the masses at the Mesa Amphitheater and didn't let up until they owned every last soul!
Posted by roadrash on Friday, June 30 @ 12:22:41 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Decadence In The Desert (3501 reads)
Shows A hot, sunny day was the setting for the annual KFMA Day concert in Tucson, Arizona. Known for playing the hottest new rock throughout the desert southwest, this rogue radio station knew how to pick the best to entertain the thousands who attended. The Cult, The Strokes, AFI, Rise Against, Rock Kills Kid, 2 Cents and FiveSpeed took on a crowd of ten thousand people at an abandoned open air sports park on the fringe of the city.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 14 @ 08:29:37 MDT
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 The Rock Show: She Wants Revenge, OK Go And The Year Of Acceleration (1821 reads)
Shows Tuscon's controversial Rialto Theater played host to the alternative stylings of She Wants Revenge, OK Go! and The Year Of Acceleration. While the venue was already a hoppin' spot, the real action was on stage as these masters of the fringe gave performances that will be forever burned into the hearts and minds of the fans!
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, June 10 @ 18:37:31 MDT
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 The Rock Show: 10 Years With E(v)olocity (3441 reads)
Shows 10 Years blew into Arizona to thrill and entertain fans and the uninitiated alike with their powerful and theatrical live show, leaving no doubt they'd earned their spot as Headliner, while the newly signed Phoenix band
E(v)olocity kicked the night off with a killer set and a bunch of new fans.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 07 @ 19:32:42 MDT
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 The Rock Show: A Blue Night In Vegas (4079 reads)
Shows It was another memorable show for rock fans as Blue October and People In Planes lit up the night with a brilliant performance. Bril primed the crowd at Vegas' House Of Blues for what would be an intimate evening of classy yet spot on alternative rock that would keep the fans talking for eons to come ... thus proving that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there!
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 02 @ 10:25:47 MDT
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 The Rock Show: Disturbed In The Desert (2776 reads)
Shows Disturbed blazed through the Arizona desert, scorching everything in their path as they brought a hardcore audience at the Marquee Theater to their knees. The house was down with the sickness and the Jager was flowing ... making this a show the good folks of Phoenix won't soon forget!
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, March 12 @ 04:46:12 MST
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 The Rock Show: Tearin' It Up With Seether, Shinedown, Flyleaf And Halestorm (4796 reads)
Shows One of the biggest shows of the season, the Winterfresh SnoCore Tour came to the warm Arizona desert to thaw out and perform a?wild show. Seether, Shinedown, Flyleaf and Halestorm shook this hard partying college town to its knees. The bands brung it ... a feast of sound as one band after another kept the onslaught coming all night!
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, February 15 @ 06:41:10 MST
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 The Rock Show: Pray For The Soul Of Betty: Live At The Roxy (4783 reads)
Shows Pray For The Soul Of Betty took the Sunset Strip by storm, delivering their brand of hard rock to a packed house at the historic Roxy Theater in Hollywood, CA. Constantine Maroulis and Company brought down the house, while surprise guest Bo Bice, who joined them for a special song, brought even more screams and excitement to an already rocked out crowd.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, January 30 @ 05:33:24 MST
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 The Rock Show: Cody Carpenter At The Joint (4186 reads)
Shows Cody Carpenter and his band shook me out of my thoughts as the intro to their first song physically pushed me back against the small space of wall that I had marked as mine for the night. The moment Cody put his hands on his two keyboards, he revealed that he was part musician, part mad scientist.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, January 20 @ 15:02:50 MST
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 The Rock Show: 30 Seconds To Mars (4593 reads)
Shows 30 Seconds To Mars tore it up at Hollywood's Avalon Theater, sending fans into a feeding frenzy on the floor with their own unique brand of rock. Jared, Tomo, Matt and Shannon played to a captive audience and a sold out house, giving an all ages crowd the show of a lifetime ... and that's no lie!
Posted by roadrash on Monday, January 02 @ 14:22:35 MST
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 The Rock Show: Depeche Mode: Live In Chi-Town (1907 reads)
Shows With a career spanning more than two decades and countless hits, Depeche Mode proved they still have what it takes to be rock stars. Thousands of fans braved the first brutally cold day of Chicago's approaching winter for the sold out show at the Allstate Arena!
Posted by roadrash on Monday, January 02 @ 13:29:20 MST
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 The Rock Show: Christmas Reborn: An Eve With Trans-Siberian Orchestra (2045 reads)
Shows Known for their incredible compositions and astounding stage production, Trans-Siberian Orchestra treated the good people of Utah to an extravaganza that will not soon be forgotten by any who attended. Amidst the outstanding light show and a mini snowstorm was a story that reminded us about the true meaning of Christmas.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, December 10 @ 08:36:59 MST
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 The Rock Show: Life Saving Rock 'N' Roll With A Shot Of Whiskey (1577 reads)
Shows If you've been wondering where all the Good Ol' Boys in Los Angeles have gone, they have found a collective voice in the riotous yet soulful music of the southern rock group The Dead Rebels. For a good 45 minutes, a visit to Thursday night's Rebels show at the Roxy might have taken one to a place where downing a bottle of Jack Daniels was just as much Angeleno as drinking a Mojito.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, December 06 @ 08:50:24 MST
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