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Tuesday, October 18
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Wednesday, October 05
· ISP, Employee And Principal Held Liable For Copyright Breaches
Friday, September 16
· Digital Music: Give It Away Or Sell It?
Thursday, July 28
· Sony Settles Payola Investigation
Wednesday, July 20
· Should Home Recorders Partner With Professional Recording Studios?
Thursday, July 07
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Older Articles

 The Biz: Music Business Dead? What, Again? (2527 reads)
MD News I'm not a big fan of repeating myself, but sometimes it's necessary. In December I outlined exactly why all the swill about the "decaying music business" was rubbish by has-beens and people who've been downsized from their cushy label jobs.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, May 13 @ 08:13:23 MDT
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 The Biz: Some Thoughts On The Digital Music Forum, Part 1 (862 reads)
MD News As long as we're discussing a music industry that has lost its soul and is out shopping for a new one, let's get cosmic for a minute and ponder that eternal existential mind-fuck -- duality. In this context, the creative act of composing and performing music inhabits the etherial plane and the task of revenue generation, the material plane.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, April 06 @ 10:53:13 MDT
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 The Biz: Drop DRM Or Become Irrelevant (838 reads)
MD News After countless conversations and debates over the past eight years, I have come to think that the DRM issue is largely a question of which reality one believes to be true - and we must address the solution as such, too. No research, no statistics, no hard facts, and no futurists will tell us conclusively whether the record companies should or should not use DRM when selling digital music. To make this decision will not be science, but an art!
Posted by roadrash on Friday, April 06 @ 10:36:30 MDT
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 The Biz: Universal Sues MySpace Yet Again? (1561 reads)
MD News Last month UMD made a deal with MySpace to play it cool with them in exchange for their promise to do whatever they can to prevent infringement through use of their service. Apparently they are not doing enough. Now UMD is suing and asking for the max: $150,000 per infringement. At this rate, with the tens of thousands of sites that use unauthorized content, MySpace will be forced into a dot com retirement home.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, March 05 @ 05:00:33 MST
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 The Biz: Music Metadata: Coding Your Recordings For Maximum Royalties (1542 reads)
MD News If you plan on releasing your music on the Net, through satellite radio, or via music services like Muzak, you'll need to understand the following. A lot of information on a music CD isn't music. Some of it are codes that help trace the uses and sales of your music online. Without them there is a good chance you'll miss out on royalties owed you.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 08 @ 08:11:21 MST
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 The Biz: Make The Most Of Your Music Player On MySpace (1860 reads)
MD News Once you've established your MySpace site, selected a terrific photo or graphic that accurately signals your primary artistic sensibility to casual surfers, and your band name or label name signal the same (hopefully), a few practical strategies can be employed to help you maximize your marketing efforts.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, November 25 @ 05:59:28 MST
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 The Biz: What Is Podsafe Music? (968 reads)
MD News As you visit the hundreds of music podcast and MP3 blog sites you'll notice that most them feature something called PODSAFE MUSIC. For this article I have gathered information from various internet sites in order to help clarify what podsafe music is and how it can become another helpful tool to place into your marketing utility belt.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, September 17 @ 10:34:11 MDT
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 The Biz: Viral Marketing: Internet Success (1244 reads)
MD News Traditional radio airplay, standard brick and mortar distribution, and being signed by a major record label are no longer the only means of getting your music noticed. Thanks to digital distribution and the massive appeal of and easy access to the Internet, unknown musical talent now has a chance at real success. Additionally, the Indie musician is not stuck with the costs of making an entire CD. They can make a single and post it on the Internet, gaining huge success from one song.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, September 17 @ 10:31:48 MDT
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 The Biz: Did A Performance Rights Organization Do Anything For Us? (914 reads)
MD News While every artist holds out some hope that they will make it big, there is a spectrum of ambition along which every artist falls. At one end there is the artist who creates just to create, for whom the financial benefit is outweighed by the aesthetic ideal. At the other end is the artist who views artistic creations as commodity.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, August 18 @ 08:05:18 MDT
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 The Biz: To Tour Or Not To Tour...That Is The Question! (1064 reads)
MD News It's every musician's fantasy: The tour bus rolls up to the arena (full of groupies, beer and pizza). Fans are crowded out front hoping to catch a glimpse of America's hottest band. The group is escorted to their dressing room (full of more groupies, beer and pizza). They enjoy the various pleasures of stardom while roadies set up the stage. It's show time. The artists take the stage. The crowd is screaming. The lights are glaring. The amps are humming. The drummer clicks off the first song and...
Posted by roadrash on Friday, August 18 @ 08:00:12 MDT
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 The Biz: Is This A Business Or A Game? (907 reads)
MD News Karl, the owner of Show Off Records, has made a lot of money. He has worked long and hard to obtain and maintain his money, family, lifestyle and power. Now he believes in the American dream and feels that his "crew" is beyond a doubt the most talented group of producers and rappers in the game. He forms Show Off Records and is determined to make his label the greatest Rap label in history. He calculates and determines that the yearly SOURCE Awards in Miami is the place to launch his label, so he makes sure that he is prepared. He first buys a full-page ad in the Special Awards issue of the SOURCE magazine and two Platinum tickets each for himself, his partner and three artists.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, August 01 @ 06:30:55 MDT
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 The Biz: The 10 Most Common Publicity Mistakes - Don't Sabotage Your Success! (985 reads)
MD News The more you remind a reporter that you're a commercial entity seeking promotional exposure, the less chance you have. Blatant ad copy, excessive use of trademark symbols, overblown quotes, puffed-up claims and other techniques better suited for advertising copy are sure ways to assure that your release gets trashed. You must think like an objective journalist and have a sense of perspective about who you are and what you sell, and communicate that in your materials. If you just can't do that, chances are you've been...
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, August 01 @ 06:28:47 MDT
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 The Biz: You Are What You Look Like On MySpace (1367 reads)
MD News Make no mistake about it, the first thing I do when confronted with a list of potential bands is look at their photo or graphic. The second thing I do is look at their name. The third thing I do is look at their photo/graphic one last time prior to clicking. That's it, period. What does or should that say to indie labels and band/artists? Be very careful about your photo/graphic selections and, if you're just starting out, pay attention to the name you choose if you have a band.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, August 01 @ 06:24:16 MDT
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 The Biz: How Bands And Co-Writers Divide Percentage Shares In A Song (1208 reads)
MD News Under copyright law, as soon as one of your original song ideas is recorded on a cassette tape or the lyrics to one of your compositions is written on a sheet of paper, a copyright is formed. A copyright grants you the exclusive "first right" to reproduce, distribute, perform, and sell your compositions to the public. But what does copyright law say about your rights when an original idea is formed between two or more people, as in the case when a joint work is created? This is an area where things get a bit more tricky. Therefore, a few principles regarding joint works must be understood between the authors. The most important principle has to do with ownership.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 14 @ 16:22:48 MDT
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 The Biz: When Dollars And Cents Meet Heart And Soul (1343 reads)
MD News The music industry, in decline and disgrace, like many others today, faces almost certain implosion if it continues on its path to self-destruction. Global music sales decline consecutively, year after year. Record labels point to illegal file sharing as a reason for falling revenue. Other possible factors for the deterioration include decreased disposable household income and a rise in video music and games sales. Simply put, the post-recession financial rewards that many businesses now reap aren't being realized in the music business. Therefore, the leaders in this industry must examine their driving corporate values.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 14 @ 15:54:30 MDT
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 The Biz: Have Labels Bit Off The Hand That Feeds Them? (1687 reads)
MD News Michael Milom, Esq., an entertainment attorney with Bass, Berry & Sims, PLC, has observed a "new business model" that the majors and some larger independent labels are implementing to increase their profitability. In his article, "The Impact of New Business Models on Artists," Milom identifies five contract strategies now being employed by labels for the purpose of increasing and diversifying label revenue sources, and three contract strategies being employed to increase label profitability from existing revenue sources. Unfortunately, all of these new contract strategies come at the expense of new artists.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 09 @ 05:09:42 MDT
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 The Biz: Flat Fee Music & The Music Like Water Manifesto (3134 reads)
MD News The debate over the licensing of digital music is raging and growing exponentially every day. Around the world, calls for flat-fee, open and 'public' music access systems have been getting louder and louder. And, despite the huge and indeed very respectable growth of online music sales, paid digital music services are FAR from beating the ever-popular file sharing networks, darknets, and countless other digital music-trading methods. Will it be a cold day in hell before the legitimate offers are good enough to at least have a real chance of beating the shoddy experiences of the unlicensed p2p services?
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 09 @ 05:07:12 MDT
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 The Biz: Music's Youth Culture And The Me Generation (2327 reads)
MD News
The record labels, the radio stations, the entertainment industry, and let's not forget all of those young artists, they don't give a damn about what we think or about our litany of complaints. They're in the business of youth culture and youth entertainment. And I don't think that anyone could possibly believe that our kids ­ their audience - could care less about what we adults think about their music. And why should they? They're the kids and we're the parents. We're not supposed to like their music and their youth culture. It's their turn! Did we want our parents to be a part of our rock n roll culture back then? Heck no! Do any of my aging music contemporaries remember "don't trust anyone over thirty"?

Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 26 @ 05:11:28 MST
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 The Biz: Realistically Assessing The Quality Of Your Music Submissions (2758 reads)
MD News The first thing that anyone listening to music will notice is the production value. This is the overall sonic quality of a recording. This has everything to do with engineering, production, mixing and mastering. You don't have to be Mutt Lange or Quincy Jones to tell if a recording has been done well or not. This factor is instantly recognizable within the first 10 seconds or so of listening to a track (more on this later). With all of the technology available today for recording, there is really little excuse for poor audio or production quality. While producing music has become much easier in recent years, most bands and artists are still better off leaving the engineering and production to someone who really knows what they are doing.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 26 @ 05:02:06 MST
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 The Biz: New Rules For The New Year: What Is Coming In The Music Industry? (1707 reads)
MD News We've seen it coming for several years, but it's here, full on and in our faces now... so what do artists do? The word "artist" means: "One whose work shows skill." (The American Heritage Dictionary) However, with the arrival of unskilled, but nice "artists" being signed to contracts and marketed to the public - and the public is hearing the call and purchasing their music - what is the secret?
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, February 18 @ 08:07:20 MST
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 The Biz: MusicDish Network Rings In Over 125,000 Downloads Over Holiday Season (1937 reads)
MD News Yanju's politically controversial music video "IWA" led the charge with 75,736 downloads over the holidays, while Jann Klose's live video followed closely behind with 58,882 downloads. Jann's video has been a 'Featured Music Video' on on-line short film and music digital entertainment network portal Boost Digital. Utilizing digital media distributor INTENT Media's proprietary search placement technology, the distribution campaign is able to target fans most receptive to their music based on their search queries to major file sharing networks. The viral distribution is complemented by a comprehensive web marketing campaign combining syndicated marketing and online street team efforts, resulting in placement on hundreds of music related sites.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, February 18 @ 08:05:25 MST
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 The Biz: Music, Money, and Success (2269 reads)
MD News "Music, Money and Success" goes into great detail about the very complex world of copyrights and the administration of copyrights, including licensing for records, film, video, commercials, and emerging licensing opportunities such as the Internet; who does what, how and why in the song trade; breaking into the songwriting busines; examples of typical contract language and contract terms; and much more. The Brabecs also include charts that clearly demonstrate where the songwriting money comes from under different circumstances, which I found to be helpful in bringing all of this conplex information together.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, February 08 @ 11:01:53 MST
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 The Biz: Warner Music Group Settles In Payola Investigation (2981 reads)
MD News Attorney General Eliot Spitzer announced the second settlement in the music industry's "pay-for-play" probe. Warner Music Group Corp., the third largest record company in the United States, has agreed to abandon the industry-wide practice of providing radio stations and their employees with financial incentives and promotional items in exchange for "airplay" for Warner's recordings. This is the second settlement stemming from Spitzer's payola investigation, where he has uncovered a rampant industry practice of record labels offering streams of financial inducements to radio stations and their employees to obtain airplay for the recordings by Warner's artists.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, January 03 @ 17:41:40 MST
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 The Biz: Tom Lee On The Introduction Of New Payola Legislation (1784 reads)
MD News Most recently in the last Congress, I introduced broad legislation to address ownership consolidation and the anti-competitive practices common in the industry. These practices include tacit or explicit pay-for-play, or "payola," payments, and corporate radio stations putting untoward pressure on artists to play at the same corporation's venues use affiliated concert promoters. While I continue to be concerned by consolidation and believe this centralization exacerbates the potential for abuse, the bill I introduce today focuses instead on the anti-competitive practices, whether they occur at a radio station group of a handful of stations or one that owns thousands of stations.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, January 03 @ 17:38:20 MST
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 The Biz: VS-Planet Music Center Expands Roland & Studio Projects Product Line (2075 reads)
MD News VS-Planet, an International on-line community dedicated to helping its members master Roland's VS line of digital audio workstations, is proud to announce that it has expanded its on-line store's Roland product line to include a full line of keyboard synthesizers featuring the complete Fantom line and Juno Synths.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, December 15 @ 06:36:06 MST
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 The Biz: Fall In Australian CD Sales Disguises A Lack Of Choice (2058 reads)
MD News The Australian Recording Industry Association has reported that for the first six months of 2005, the volume of recorded music product shipments to retailers fell 7.54%, while their wholesale value fell 11.82%. ARIA attributed the fall to a number of factors including the impact of charitable appeals following the Boxing Day Tsunami, and subdued general retail activity.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, December 15 @ 06:30:24 MST
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 The Biz: Are CDs Becoming Obsolete? (1470 reads)
MD News Let's face it -- all the audio mastering programs have the same basic features when it comes to audio mastering. Sure, every program has its pros and cons, but they are all trying to compress and equalize the music to make it "jump" out of the speakers. Some programs may remove digital clicks or reduce noise. But, with digital equipment being very commonplace these days, the issues of tape noise are diminishing.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, November 19 @ 05:53:38 MST
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 The Biz: iTunes: The 99c Question (2073 reads)
MD News With a showdown approaching between the major labels and Apple over 99c price for the downloads, and now UK's Music Managers Forum also unhappy with iTunes pricing, I want to give an independent label's view on this subject, given that there are over 1000 independent labels on iTunes.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, November 19 @ 05:49:43 MST
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 The Biz: Radio Reborn - Embracing Broadcast In An Interactive Way (2681 reads)
MD News Many games feature original music. Unfortunately, many games also take so long to complete that you end up hearing the same music perhaps too much. You may have liked the original music at first, but now months later, it's driving you nuts. In-Game Radio offers not just a solution to that problem, but a whole new universe of game music. IGR is literally a series of "radio" stations from which to choose. Whether you're driving along in "Gran Turismo," or plodding along in your spacesuit in Halo 2, you'll have the ability to listen to the live music and new programming you want to hear.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, November 07 @ 06:41:30 MST
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 The Biz: How To Create An Online Newsroom The Media Will Love (1791 reads)
MD News From time to time, people ask me how public relations has changed during the two decades in which I've been seeking publicity. My answer: technology. Twenty years ago, the fax machine was a newfangled novelty. Our primary means of communicating with journalists was the telephone and the US Mail. The advent of e- mail and the web has made life easier in many regards and tougher in others - namely, thanks to hordes of clowns with money making schemes and software that "blasts" press releases indiscriminately to reporters, it's become very hard to get your e-mails through to spam-weary reporters.
Posted by roadrash on Monday, November 07 @ 06:39:52 MST
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