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Older Articles

 Rap Sessions: Machine Head's Phil Demmel (3614 reads)
Bands Machine Head's Phil Demmel
Interview and photos by Michelle LaRose

Machine Head hit the road for the first time in two years on tour with Gojira, Trivium and Lamb Of God to promote their newly released album The Blackening. We sat with guitarist Phil Demmel to find out more about the new album, their internet fans and touring Europe.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, April 08 @ 09:17:49 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Lamb Of God's John Campbell (1255 reads)
Bands Lamb Of God's John Campbell
Interview by Michelle LaRose

Lamb Of God have been popular with the underground sect for years. Now with the advent of a Grammy nomination these guys are poised to be the reigning kings of heavy metal. Now Lamb Of God have kicked off a summer tour to promote their latest album Sacrament with Gojira, Trivium and Machine Head in tow. We were able to sit with bassist John Campbell to find out more about the new album, their Grammy nomination and the notorious Wall Of Death.
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, April 07 @ 21:21:52 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Anthony Focx's New Generation (1331 reads)
Bands L.A.'s Generation Beautiful is making a name for themselves, but quick. Taking an unusual approach by releasing a live debut album, the band's destiny rests on the wiles of guitarist Anthony Focx and the abilities of his comrades to back him up. So far, it looks like they're doing a hell of a job. GB has a surplus of powerhouse talent and raw energy that's taken them on a rock 'n' roll dream ride and, to hear Focx tell it, they couldn't be happier!
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, April 05 @ 07:06:53 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Seasons Of The Wolf: An Interview With Wes And 'Skully' Waddell (1380 reads)
Bands Seasons Of The Wolf have sold over 25,000 albums worldwide and are marking their territory in the realm of heavy metal. Their list of accomplishments overshadows that of most National acts. Self-described as "psycho hippie doom metal," they carry the torch of the '80s style dark metal and refuse to conform to the corporate standards of what the biz says music should be. Now, they're poised to release their fourth album Once In A Blue Moon, which is set to drop on the date of the blue moon no less. We were able to sit with brothers Wes and Barry “Skully” Waddell to find out more about these rockers in wolves clothing.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, February 07 @ 04:23:29 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Interview With Slayer's Kerry King (4400 reads)
Bands From the depths of their brutal musical style to their antisocial lyrical content, Slayer have been stirring up mayhem and controversy for nearly two-and-a-half decades. Nothing's ever said more about the height of their popularity than debuting their latest release Christ Illusion at number 5, followed soon after by another Grammy nomination.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, December 24 @ 10:58:51 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Al Pitrelli (3768 reads)
Bands The Trans-Siberian Orchestra has grown into possibly the biggest winter music event in the United States. The TSO show has become a Christmas traditon for hundreds of thousands of families and music aficionados of all ages each year. GR got together with one of the founding fathers, Al Pitrelli, to talk about this booming entity, among other things, and what we met was a guy who's really just in it for the music!
Posted by roadrash on Friday, December 01 @ 06:15:18 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Scotti Hill: Re-Hittin' The Skids (2750 reads)
Bands Not many bands had Skid Row's impact on the scene in the late '80s and early '90s. Between several monster hits, a volatile yet charismatic front man and adversity in the face of grunge, it's amazing any of the members even lived to tell the tales. Now, with a new record on the rack and a renewed sense of self, it looks like the guys might have the power to reclaim their place in the annals of rock stardom.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, November 05 @ 08:36:31 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Mower's Brian Sheerin (1486 reads)
Bands Dubbed "the hardest working band in California," Mower is a true inspiration among San Diego's music scene. They don't tie themselves down to genres or labels. Instead they leave that to the perception of their audience. Maybe that's the real magic behind this post-punk-metal-driving-rock-thrash-or-whatever band's appeal. Or, as co-founder Brian Sheerin tells GR, it's more likely a combination of determination and a true love for their fans!
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, June 21 @ 11:52:43 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Dan Verduin Of Big 10-4 (1368 reads)
Bands How do you cook up one of the most original rock albums on the rack today? When you're Dan Verduin of Big 10-4, the recipe is simple: lots of practice, tons of talent and a healthy helping of pure inspiration. Orlando's newest attraction is testing the boundaries with their debut release, Testing The Atmosphere, and the results are quite promising ... but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to hear why these guys will soon be testing an interstellar future at warp speed. Engage!
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, May 24 @ 09:17:36 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Industry Interview: Former Warner Bros Veteran Ted Joseph (3055 reads)
MD News Veteran industry execs like Ted Joseph, who have refashioned themselves as consultants, applying their many years of knowledge and experience to the modern age where the opportunities to sell music are limitless. Joseph spent twenty-one of his first 25 years in the business at Warner Bros., launching his career as a merchandiser in Detroit before holding positions in the company's marketing, sales, radio promotion and distribution divisions over the years in New York and Los Angeles.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, May 09 @ 05:13:04 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: One On One With Queensrÿche's Geoff Tate (2373 reads)
Bands Maybe it seems like a lifetime since Queensrÿche last dominated the scene as both metal and pop icons. It truly has been for the next generation of music fans, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that years of unanswered questions must finally be satisfied ... or does it? Legendary front man Geoff Tate lends some insight into the twisted story that is the Operation: Mindcrime saga and helps to bring closure to what may be one of the greatest tales of drama and intrigue ever told over the medium of music!
Posted by roadrash on Monday, April 03 @ 03:34:25 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Who The Hell Is Jak Paris? (1572 reads)
New Artist - Rock It's not a question of who he is, rather who he's going to be ... and with all the exciting new artists rising up from the underground, perhaps it's Jak Paris whose music will stand out the most. Three weeks before its release, his debut album Electric Revolution is already charting and he's even had a video on MTV. So, who is he? To hear his side of the story, he's just a guy with a passion for his songs, but for the rest of us there stands a clear star quality, a plethora of talent and at least a little sex appeal!
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, March 21 @ 00:50:16 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Interview with Music Gorilla Band 3 Kisses (2572 reads)
MD News This is the first in a series of interview with Music Gorilla band members. Music Gorilla's ground-breaking new site enhances your music's ability to be listened to by the right people. Musician's can post original material on, along with their online resume and give themselves, and their songs, an outlet for exposure. Industry professionals, scouts and labels, can listen to new unsigned artists at the click of a button before anyone else. Fans can hear new music first, and can interact with Music Gorilla artists via message boards.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, March 19 @ 06:36:06 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Pray For The Soul Of Rock 'N' Roll: An Interview With C.R. Taylor (2486 reads)
Bands C.R. Taylor is the bassist and a large part of the creative force behind New York hard rock band Pray For The Soul Of Betty. The proud parents of a killer debut CD and a largely sold-out tour, these guys have certainly shown that some good music and a lot of hard work can take you a long way. While the name may not be familiar to most, there's no denying Betty's fast-growing popularity and, as Taylor tells it, there's nowhere to go but straight up!
Posted by roadrash on Friday, March 03 @ 05:21:58 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Sepultura's Derrick Green (3951 reads)
Bands When you think of social outcry, freedom of speech or even just heavy metal, Brazil's Sepultura may not be the first name to come to mind. That's okay with now front man Derrick Green. A relative newcomer in the the band's saga, Derrick's got no bones about jumping in head first ... inadvertently reshaping the direction of what most people would consider the world's most brutal thrash metal band. Now, with a new album and a fresh approach, Derrick Green and Sepultura may be on the high road from an historically underground existence to the forefront of the metal scene and their biggest record ever!
Posted by roadrash on Monday, February 27 @ 14:02:08 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Tax Tips For Songwriters (2405 reads)
MD News
The Songwriters Guild of America Nashville Office recently hosted a tax and accounting seminar with Certified Public Accountant Cathy McCormack of Nashville, TN. Cathy McCormack is co-author of the book, "Financial Management for Musicians," (Hal Leonard) by Pam Gaines and Cathy McCormack. Many of McCormack's clients are musicians and songwriters. "Financial Management For Musicians" is the title of the book, but she says it is really more about organizing your financial life for what she calls this business of music. She offered to speak to the Songwriters Guild seminar participants about accounting, bookkeeping and money, and asked what the attendees would like to have covered in the seminar.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 26 @ 05:15:01 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Unhealthy Obsessions: An Afternoon With Adam Goldman (3598 reads)
Bands Adam Goldman is the singer/songwriter of the Los Angeles band Bedroom Walls and the mixer of the foulest cocktail in the world. His music, which he has officially dubbed Romanticore, is richly textured, achingly wistful and thoroughly earnest in its attempt to embody, as the band's website puts it, "the proper use of melancholy." After their debut album I Saw You Coming Back to Me, The San Francisco Bay Guardian anointed Bedroom Walls "...the next breakout group of Los Angeles." Their sophomore album, All Good Dreamers Pass This Way, is coming out this spring.
Posted by roadrash on Sunday, February 19 @ 14:25:31 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Guitar Gods: Interview With Joel Wanasek (1474 reads)
MD News Joel Wanasek was first interviewed for the series back in May 2002. He was completing a solo album and had released the debut album from his band Dark Shift, and pumping up his instructional site, Insane Guitar. Here we are, over three years later, and Joel is still with Dark Shift (who last year completed a successful South American tour), getting ready to release a new solo disc, and has added mountains of free resources to Insane Guitar. In addition, he now runs a state-of-the-art recording facility and will be releasing a book in 2006.

Posted by roadrash on Saturday, February 18 @ 08:01:00 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Interview With Performing Songwriter Ann-Marita (1620 reads)
MD News Since the album's independent release in June 2004, it has gained airplay in Australia, New Zealand, USA ,and a number of European countries. The album has propelled Ann-Marita past nearly 3,000 other artists to hit the # 35 spot on the Worldwide Mainstream Most Played Major & Indie Artists Chart by the end of 2004. Her single, "Face In The Crowd," released through Comstock Records, hit # 4 on the European Country Music Association airplay charts in Scandinavia, the U.K., and Austria that same month.

Posted by roadrash on Sunday, January 15 @ 08:52:47 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Children Of Bodom's Henkka T. Blacksmith (3665 reads)
Bands After 12 years in the trenches and platinum status overseas, Finnish metal prodigies Children Of Bodom have finally driven their unique sound into the hearts and ears of a huge worldwide audience. They're on the tip of your tongue ... even if you don't know who they are, but with an epic new album and a fresh approach to hardcore, these guys might just be the classic metal band for this generation. We hooked up with bassmeister Henkka T. Blacksmith just before a show to find out what makes COB tick and where they're going from here. What we found was a band that likes to play ... and doesn't really care about the other shit!
Posted by roadrash on Saturday, December 03 @ 08:34:40 MST
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 Rap Sessions: A Conversation With F5's David Ellefson (3235 reads)
Bands With a killer new band, a debut album just released, stellar guest appearances, the production/launch for three other new bands, a speaking engagement at the School Of Bass Seminar and the release of an Instructional DVD, David Ellefson has definitely moved on from his days in Megadeth to explore and refine his craft as one of the premier bass players in the world . . .
Posted by roadrash on Monday, November 28 @ 05:13:26 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Full Circle: An Interview With Anthrax's Joey Belladonna (3487 reads)
Bands It's been some 13 years since Joey Belladonna's name has been included in the Anthrax lineup, but in the hearts and minds of long-time fans Joey will always be the band's true voice. With much of today's metal and even rap/rock having been influenced by the lineup during his time, I had to get together with this rock icon to see how the reunion was treating him. I hooked up with Joey in Salt Lake City just before the show. We talked about a lot of different things; from the reunion to football to a cause worth fighting for.
Posted by roadrash on Tuesday, November 01 @ 08:51:02 MST
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 Rap Sessions: MusicPro Insurance: Affordable Insurance For The Music Industry (3402 reads)
MD News When first joining the ASCAP staff as senior vice president of marketing, Phil Crosland wondered what he could do to help promote the careers of ASCAP members, a diverse group of full-time, part-time and aspiring musicians, songwriters, composers, and publishers. A practical man, Phil realized that one of the more daunting challenges facing ASCAP's membership, and most participants in the music industry, is finding affordable health, property, and liability insurance coverage to protect themselves, their careers, and their families in an industry not known for providing financial stability and insurance benefits.
Posted by roadrash on Friday, September 16 @ 12:37:33 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Interview With Josh James Of Evergreen Terrace (4426 reads)
Bands I came across the band Evergreen Terrace purely by accident. It was NOT my favorite kind of music, but there was something about these guys that made me go back and listen again and read the lyrics and their bio. Its a really cool thing when youve been in the biz as long as I have and you come across a band that catches your attention enough to follow up on them. In this case Im very glad I did.

Evergreen Terrace

Posted by roadrash on Monday, June 20 @ 18:34:11 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Interview With A-B-A-C-A Entertainment Group's Debora Nortman (2404 reads)
MD News "In my opinion, very little is happening today in the North American scene for artists. In the first place, record labels and music publishers will seldom accept unsolicited material from artists/labels with whom they are not familiar. And even if an artist can get past the front desk, fewer labels are willing to take a risk on lesser-known artists/bands unless they have a strong fan base, airplay rotation, and significant CD sales. And, unfortunately, distributors (including online distributors) are reluctant to pick up individual artists unless they are already signed by a label, unless the artist is represented by a credible party such as an entertainment lawyer, publisher or established brokering agent like A-B-A-C-A."
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, May 12 @ 02:21:35 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Interview With Frank Marino Of Mahogany Rush (3968 reads)
Bands Frank Marino's music never reached the mainstream of popularity, but Mahogany Rush has had a devoted fan base that has grown over the years. His experimentation with LSD in the late '60s would lead Frank into what was later to become the definition of his life. Being sober now for over 33 years, he still plays with the enthusiasm that he's always had. With a new live album on the racks, Frank Marino is still capturing audiences and fans with his unique style of Progressive Rock.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, December 29 @ 04:53:49 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Metal Church: Demigods Among Men (3339 reads)
Bands In the heyday of Heavy Metal, longevity was a word known by few. Bands came and went, the underground rose to sea level and record deals were as easy to get as Hit Parader's fastest guitarist award. Only a handful of acts went on to gain legendary status, but Metal Church sits right in the palm. With their self titled debut album becoming an instant classic, Metal Church dominated the 80s and early 90s as the aficionado's Metal band, with millions of future musicians picking up an instrument just to be like them.
Posted by roadrash on Wednesday, November 24 @ 10:38:33 MST
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 Rap Sessions: Fixer: The Men Behind The Madness (6521 reads)
Bands With their backstage antics, high voltage performances and little "indescretions," NYC's Fixer are the epitomy of Rock and Roll ... and what you see really is what you get. Garage Radio's Jill Mosebach caught up with the band before an electrifying show at the Lion's Den in Manhattan, just to cop a better feel of some of the guys that drive the East Coast music scene.

Posted by roadrash on Saturday, October 02 @ 15:07:43 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Leiana - Kick Ass or Die Trying (2869 reads)
MD News Ever see the move "Ordinary People?" Madness, pain and death spare no one; they do not respect city limits. No wonder hip hop sells the most in the artificial hinterlands of Mallville, USA. From that manicured hell comes Leiana. Her music, like the punky predecessors that were her solace and influence as a kid, speaks of this world and with more craft, passion and imagination than most.
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, June 10 @ 22:36:34 MDT
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 Rap Sessions: Spotlight On Grupo X (3192 reads)
MD News "Our sound owes a lot to the sound of Latin New York in the 60s and 70s, mixed with essences of the music we've grown up with and played in other bands (jazz, reggae, soul and funk)."
Posted by roadrash on Thursday, May 27 @ 15:10:32 MDT
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