Lamb Of God Receive Grammy Nomination For Redneck
Date: Friday, December 08 @ 06:38:12 MST
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American metal leaders Lamb of God have garnered a Grammy nomination for "Best Metal Performance" for "Redneck," the scorching first single from their acclaimed album Sacrament.

On their nomination drummer Chris Adler states, "Grammy nomination? Is someone still trying to make up for that whole Jethro Tull thing?"

"In all seriousness and regardless of the outcome, we as LAMB OF GOD are overwhelmingly flattered to be recognized. It's truly hard to believe that we have come as far as we have, even harder to believe that we now share in the short list of some of the best in the business - and the historical company of some of the worlds greatest bands. This nomination is bigger than our band; it is a tribute to our friends and fans whose undying and intense support has helped LAMB OF GOD become recognized in this way. Together, we are helping to create a new and heavier musical landscape for the future. No matter what the outcome may be, this is a very good sign for metal and as a fan I look forward to more doors like these continuing to open to the greatest music in the world - heavy fucking metal!!!"

Sacrament, which was produced by Machine (Clutch, King Crimson, Pitchshifter, 18 Visions, Every Time I Die) is a stunning example of how diverse, articulate and pummeling metal can be. Entering the Billboard Top 200 at #8, with over 63,000 albums sold, Sacrament had the biggest first week album sales of all metal records released in 2006 - outselling first week numbers from metal legends such as Iron Maiden, Slayer as well as Mastadon and Killswitch Engage.

Their sophomore Epic Records release, Sacrament has received countless accolades from critics, including being named Revolver Magazine's "Album of the Year" for 2006 and landing at #20 in Blender Magazine's Top 100 of 2006. ".raw and passionate.a rich, diverse sounding record. Sacrament boasts an impressive degree of sonic clarity, and the band's playing is tight and dexterous." Revolver Magazine

Having spent the summer of 2006 on two of the nations most highly touted metal tours - the Unholy Alliance Tour with Slayer and Gigantour with Megadeth - Lamb of God have spent the last decade bringing their unrelenting sound to the masses. Hailed as heroes of new American metal by legions of fans across the country and around the world; this Richmond, VA 5-piece continues to break ground and evolve. Smart, skilled musicians, Lamb of God first came to the metal forefront with their Prosthetic Records release, As The Palaces Burn in 2003. The next year saw their major label debut, Ashes of the Wake on Epic, rise above the rest with critical acclaim. In 2005 the band released the behind the scenes live DVD Killadelphia which went gold in only a matter of weeks. Now, capping off an already astounding year with a Grammy nomination the band will continue into 2007 with a soon to be announced headlining tour.

"Kneel before this Sacrament and hear 21st-century metal in all its recombinant brutality-a little death, a little thrash, some Southern riffing up your ass. Singer Randy Blythe avoids Cookie Monster cliché while keeping his growl somewhere south of Hades. How they managed to turn dangerously geeky prog chops into the sound of Lucifer storming heaven, well, God only knows". Spin Magazine

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