Calabash Music Features Kobo Town's Independence
Date: Friday, December 22 @ 13:33:12 MST
Topic: Bands

Calabash Music, the ultimate global music destination, presents Toronto-based Kobo Town's first release - Independence - written out of a love for old-time calypso, roots reggae and dub poetry. Calabash is giving away Kobo Town's track 'Sing Out, Shout Out' as a FREE DOWNLOAD right off the homepage at

The CD is also available for sale at CD Baby -

The title of this album is intended to be hopeful and ironic at the same time: some of the songs offer a critical look at the 'independence experiment' in Trinidad and its various failures and betrayals in Trinidad and elsewhere, while others aim to celebrate the musical and artistic traditions formed over the long years of our turbulent history.

This album is also driven by a desire to join the effort of those West Indian artists, activists and musicians who have recognized that the wounds in our society run deep into our past, and that recovering a sense of cultural, national and spiritual self-worth is a crucial first step in the path toward healing and renewal.

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