New York Punk Rocker Is South Pacific Deity
Date: Sunday, April 15 @ 07:17:06 MDT
Topic: New Artist - Punk

A punk rock singer in New York is now moonlighting as a deity to the residents of a South Pacific island.

Cevin Soling is the leader of the Love Kills Theory, but is also revered on the South Pacific island of Tanna as the living embodiment of a deity named "John Frum."

Soling became a living God last February when filming a documentary about cargo cults, and took a trip to Tanna, where the residents have been waiting for the arrival of an American named "John Frum" for more than 65 years.

The Tanna-ites believe Frum will bring lots of cargo, so Soling got corporate sponsors to donate fishing equipment, knives and flashlights to give to the Tanna islanders.

It worked better than he expected. The chief of Tanna gave Soling a large plot of land, and allowed him to participate in tribal rituals, including one where his naked body was painted red, white and blue.

Soling just got back from a second visit to Tanna, and is realizing that with great power comes great responsibility because now his adopted tribe is expecting him to get the U.S. to invest in the island.

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