J.C. Mathews’ now downloadable at I-Tunes
Date: Thursday, August 05 @ 17:20:57 MDT
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Rock guitar fans can now download the melodic rock guitar instrumentals of J.C. Mathews at I-Tunes, Apple’s acclaimed music download service.

Mathews’ two groundbreaking guitar CDs, “Heidelberg” (2002) and “Into the Unknown” (2003), are available for download for $8.91 each at the site; individual tracks are available for 99 cents each.

“I think this is terrific news,” Mathews said. “I-Tunes is fast becoming a tremendous supporter of independent music, and through it more I can reach more fans of rock guitar music.”

The guitar instrumentals of J.C. Mathews are described as “music for those who remember when guitars ruled the earth.”

“Into The Unknown” breaks new ground as a collection of rock sounds, melodies, riffs and hooks for the air guitarist in all of us. From explosive speed rockers like “400 Meters” and “Local Motion,” to the gothic ballad “October Winds” and the old school Latin rock of “Dos Diablos,” “Into The Unknown” offers rock fans the whole nine yards.

“Heidelberg” is a collection of rock guitar atmospheres. Songs range from the gothic rock anthem "Heidelberg," the old-school Latin rock of "Los Alamos," the surf-Western-metal sound of "The Horseman," to a new interpretation of an old classical guitar favorite, "Variations on Romanze." And it covers all the ground between -- the perfect collection of songs for the electric guitar.

Heidelberg” and “Into the Unknown” are also enjoying brisk sales at CD Baby, the Internet’s best-loved independent music store.

J.C. Mathews' home page is at http://home.comcast.net/~jcm505/.

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