THE NICK LEE BAND - HOT GUITAR Vai/RUSH/Dream Theater influenced
Date: Tuesday, August 31 @ 16:24:14 MDT
Topic: New Artist - Rock

THE NICK LEE BAND offers Canadian Prog Rock to the listener with a new fresh approach. Leader Nick Lee began playing guitar since the ripe old age of 7 and composing since 13. Influenced by Steve Vai and Dave Gilmore, mystically and methodically Nick embraces life with his passion for his craft. Drummer Matt MacFarland, hell's flurry when unleashed, laughs at the challenge of Nick's time signature changes. Trained by Jeff Salem, Matt is the esscense and heartbeat of THE NICK LEE BAND. Matt also is a poet, did you know that. Matt is the prime lyricist and his words help you experience all of lifes emotions. There's no stopping this maniac! Bassist and Vocals, John Stephenson aka PACO, met Nick Lee in 1998. "There are two top bassists in the world, Geddy Lee and John Stephenson" - Nick Lee. Come watch this little man go. John surprised us recently when THE NICK LEE BAND merged vocals into its catalogue. A voice of an angel with the maniacal twist if a demon. Thats our Johnny. These three guys have the stuff coursing through their veins. Their talents complement each other with such flavor and savvy to bring you.............................. THE NICK LEE BAND


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